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A bottle of wed

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

“I think it’s in the genes somewhere. Irish. Italian. There’s not that much difference,” the 47-year-old actress laughed during a recent phone interview with the Irish Echo. “I think that with the Italians, it’s a lot about eating and with the Irish, it’s a lot about drinking. Just different ways to get your calories.”
In her delightful new TV movie, which is something of a cross between “Sideways” and “Moonstruck,” Heaton plays Sara Anselmi, a beautiful Italian-American woman who has big dreams for the California vineyard of her parents, Alicia and Johnny (Lainie Kazan and Chuck Shamata.)
When Sara finds the perfect grapes to add to those of her family’s, she tries to convince her mother to buy a nearby vineyard, so they can concoct a new wine. The problem is the property belongs to Nick Di Cenzo (Tony Lo Bianco,) the man Alicia thinks jilted her 40 years earlier, causing decades of, well, sour grapes between the two families.
What Alicia doesn’t know is that Nick mailed her a written proposal and engagement ring years earlier, but it was lost by the post office and what Nick doesn’t know is his former love never got it, meaning both parties think the other broke up with them. Adding to the drama is the fact that Sara now finds herself torn between her workaholic fianc

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