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A history of atrocities

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Andrew Bushe

The 28 deaths in the Omagh market massacre were the most involving a single explosion since the Troubles began. The last time there was a bigger single bomb death toll was when the Luftwaffe targeted heavy industry in Belfast in 1941.

The biggest bombing toll in a single day during the Troubles was the result of three loyalists bombs in Dublin and one in Monaghan. Thirty-one people were killed and two others died later.

The previous largest bombing toll in North Ireland was when two bombs exploded at Warrenpoint, Co. Down, in August 1979 when 18 British soldiers died.

The worst atrocity in Britain were the Birmingham pub attacks in November 1974 when three IRA bombs killed 22.

Other major bomb outrages have included:

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February 1978: Sixteen die in IRA arson bomb attack on the Le Mon restaurant, Cumber, Co. Down.

December 1983: INLA bomb kills 17 in bombing of the Droppin Well pub in Ballykelly, Co. Derry.

December 1969: A UVF bomb attack kills 15 people in McGurk’s Bar in Belfast.

October 1975: Twelve die in series of UVF bomb and gun attacks.

July 1972: "Bloody Friday" — The IRA sets off 22 bombs in Belfast, killing 11.

July 1982: Two bomb attacks on soldiers in London parks kill 11.

November 1987: Eleven die in IRA attack on Remembrance Day services in Enniskillen.

September 1989: IRA bomb attack at the Royal Marines Music School in Deal kills 10.

October 1993: IRA bomb in the Shankill Road fish shop explodes prematurely and kills 10, including bomber.

March 1973: Nine die in IRA bomb attack on bus carrying soldiers and their families in Yorkshire.

February 1985: IRA mortar bomb attack on Newry RUC station kills nine policemen.

July 1972: Three bombs detonated by the IRA in Claudy kill eight.

August 1988: Eight soldiers killed in Ballygawley bus bomb.

January 1992: Eight Protestant workmen killed by IRA landmine at Teebane Cross.

December 1983: An IRA Bomb at Harrods, one of three in London, kills six.

June 1988: Six soldiers killed by IRA bomb in Lisburn.

October 1984: Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet narrowly escape death when an IRA bomb kills five people at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

December 1971: IRA bomb in Shankill Road furniture shop kills four.

August 1979: Lord Mountbatten and three others die when his fishing boat is blown up by the IRA off Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo.

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