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February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

In more recent times that task has expanded to presenting the story of the Irish in America to the Irish on the island from whence one of the greatest human tales of triumph over adversity first took form.
There was a time when so much of our collective story was about exile and dislocation.
Lately, that story has taken a turn for the better. We have witnessed extraordinary events in recent years, so much so that it seemed that we might run out of superlative headlines.
This week, we are begging your indulgence and generating a headline of our own, a bold one that points to quality reporting of even more extraordinary times ahead.
So many people than we even have been behind the story of this newspaper from its founding to the present day. Yet more, in the form of a group of investors who believe fervently in the past, the present and the future of the great Irish American story, are now taking up the task of propelling the Irish Echo into its next eighty years.
We welcome all of you, our longtime and our more recently acquired readers, to the unfolding journey that is the story of Irish America and Ireland.
We promise only that it will be a tale well worth the telling.

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