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A question of priorities

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Jamie McAllister posed to threat to the United States, no member of his family does. And yet all but one member of the McAllister family has been living on a knife-edge for years all the while wondering if that knock on the door is the sound preceding the end to their American dream.
The McAllisters have not just been yearning to be free in this country. They have also battled daily for something approaching the kind of blessed normality we all see as being a natural right.
They have lost a wife and mother along the way. They have gathered the support of legislators in Washington and people all over the country. They have tried to be Americans.
That effort was dealt a low blow last week with what was little more than the effective bundling of Jamie McAllister out of the country. In the context of normal practice, the action amounted to little more than a legalized kidnapping.
This latest twist in the McAllister family story, a saga if ever there was one, makes it more urgent than ever that the private congressional bill authored by Senator Bob Menendez is fully supported.
Meanwhile, in Texas, we are hearing of the extraordinary treatment being meted out to P

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