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A sad milestone

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

It is probably impossible to place an exact figure on the number of dead Iraqi civilians while, clearly, many who took up arms against coalition forces have also added to the overall casualty list.
Meanwhile, according to one report in recent days, the war is costing the U.S. $5,000 per second, John McCain thinks U.S. troops will be in Iraq for a hundred years while on Monday, a CBS military analyst opined that the parents of the last American soldier to die in Iraq probably haven’t even been born yet.
The argument over why we ended up in this war has circulated every day in the five years since “shock and awe.” Argument has also raged over the conduct of a war that, in common with just about every conflict in human history, has been erratic and inconsistent. War is not just hell. It’s also a confused and muddled mess, especially when there are no clear front lines.
It would appear that the fifth year of fighting is destined to give way to a sixth. We can only hope that twelve months from now there will be a clearer view as to how this war can, and will, be brought to an end.

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