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Andersonstown News responds to column

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Because of our vigorous support for the peace process, we’re being denigrated and attacked by dissident republican Anthony McIntyre and his associates.
For some time, Mr. McIntyre has been running a one-man campaign against the Andersonstown News. This has included his recent outrageous claim that we’re touts.
That’s the sort of claim which has left Mr. McIntyre with zero support in
Belfast. However, as he’s well aware, it’s also a very dangerous allegation.
But then so are most of the myths about this paper which he peddles in the darker recesses of the internet, safe in the knowledge that no matter how defamatory or libellous, no-one is interested in feeding his ego by
Taking legal action against his web fiefdom.
In recent weeks, however, he’s been desperately trying to get the respectable media to carry his defamatory statements. We’ve left the mainstream media in no doubt but that we’ll sue if his highly dangerous and damaging allegations appear in print in a legitimate forum — where they might be believed by readers not familiar with his background. Mr. McIntrye, who has used the libel laws against us in the past, and your writer Eamon Lynch who has taken action for libel in Ireland, say that’s unfair. Hypocrisy, how are ye?
Mr. McIntyre is particularly disturbed at the way we carried out our exclusive interview with Freddie Scappaticci, the former republican
British Intelligence sources branded Stakeknife. Your columnist weighs in behind that view and alleges we were working to a political agenda.
What rubbish. The fact is that our titles are rigorously independent and have more diverse views in their columns than any other newspaper in Ireland. Our columnists include a DUP councillor, a Portadown loyalist, a Sinn F

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