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Another “Wonder” from Oasis

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

But, faced with the prospect of going down in musical history as a one-hit (or, all right, two-hit) wonder, the band has decided that their next single will be a cover. This is a tried-and-true tactic in the industry, guaranteed to generate sales in a variety of age groups (witness Boyzone’s icky “When the Going Gets Tough” or Bellefire’s “All I Want is You”). But Oasis is taking the concept one self-referential (or is that reverential) step further, and covering their own monster hit, 1995’s “Wonderwall.”
The band was reportedly inspired by singer Ryan Adams, who included the song in his playlist during last year’s concert tour. The new Oasis version will feature Noel Gallagher on lead vocals instead of his younger brother Liam, and an acoustic arrangement.
In more Oasis news, we’re happy to reveal that the band will not be breaking up any time soon, thanks very much and someone please pass the brass knuckles.
Noel recently went on record (sorry) saying that even though “technically we’ve broken up quite a lot,” the sun will never set on the British Emp . . . er, on the Manchester musicians. It’s a matter of pride. It’s a source of inspiration. It’s . . . laziness?
“At 35, now, to leave Oasis would be like getting a new girlfriend,” said Noel. “It’s like I couldn’t be arsed dating.”
Of course, it’s not all about ennui. Noel says that he’s inhabiting the best of all possible worlds.
“The best gig in the world is being me, in Oasis,” he said. “And I get to sing the two biggest songs of the night, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and ‘Wonderwall.’ ” And, being the big bruv, he presumably gets to slap Liam around when he gets out of line.
The elder Gallagher has another goal these days, and it’s for people to take him seriously as an artist.
“It’s quite an important thing I do,” he said.
In fact, Gallagher is so impressed with his own prowess that he just can’t hide his light under a bushel. The New York Post reports that Noel taunted the surviving Beatles.
“You were so [bad word] lucky you were first,” he said. “Because if Oasis performed in 1962 . . . I’d be bigger than all of you.”
And in still more Oasis news, we hear that you’d better not hold your breath waiting for your invitation to the Nicole Appleton-Liam Gallagher nuptials. They’re not taking place on St. Patrick’s Day as rumored. Just ask the bride-to-be.
“We’d need a good few months to organize,” said Nicole. “Maybe next year. We’re happy anyway so what’s the rush?”

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