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Around Ireland Bishop attacks ‘sinful’ workers

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Stephen McKinley

The Bishop of Killaloe, Dr. Willie Walsh, has attacked those in the farming industry who, through sloppy, corner-cutting practices may have contributed to the general crisis facing agriculture.

The bishop pointed to Mad Cow Disease, the use of illegal growth hormones, and said that sheer greed had contributed to the problems.

"Let me state very clearly that such acts are seriously sinful. They contradict all that the Christian commandment of love of neighbor implies," he said, according to the Clare Champion.

Battle of the bars

Two "super-pubs" in County Carlow are facing each other down in court over a licensing feud — and 100 jobs may be hanging in the balance as a result.

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The owners of Dinn Rí objected to a new bar, Saints and Sinners, being given a liquor license on planning grounds. An owner of Saints and Sinners, James Devereux, said that the Dinn Rí owners were actually objecting on competition grounds, which he said was short-sighted.

"We plan to give employment to up to 100 people which will bring almost £1 million in wages into the economy of Carlow town. This, together with added spinoffs to local business, is a big boost to the town," he said, according to the Carlow Nationlist newspaper.

He added that no one else in Carlow town had objected to the opening of the new bar.

St. Pat’s in September?

Mullingar residents aren’t lamenting over the lack of St. Patrick’s Day festivities — they’re planning to reschedule the event to harvest time. The parade committee voted to postpone St. Patrick’s festivities because of foot-and-mouth disease fear, but then it was suggested that a harvest parade would also celebrate the farming community and the successful fighting off of the disease, the Westmeath Examiner reported.

Enniscorthy gets violent

Residents in Enniscorthy have been peacefully picketing a local school, Coláiste Bríde, over the behavior of the students. An incident on Monday revealed how resentful the whole affair has become.

As the picketers stood holding their signs, a student drove out of the school gates and headed straight for them. The picketers say that she clearly wanted to knock them down, or at least intimidate them. They were horrified to hear some of the onlooking students inciting the driver to "run them down."

"It was disgraceful and horrifying," a spokesperson for the picketers told the Enniscorthy Echo.

Robbers bombed by Hillary

Mullingar’s Post Office on Pearse Street was the scene for a daring robbery — but the culprits didn’t get away with the steal, thanks to postmistress Hillary Vesey.

After Justice Anthony Kennedy convicted and sentenced Michael Anthony Grogan of Portland Road, Dublin, to five years’ imprisonment, he praised Hillary for placing a paint bomb security device in the bag of money that she handed to Grogan. The device later exploded, staining the stolen money, which helped gardaí track down and arrest the culprits, according to the Westmeath Examiner.

A total of £7,580 was stolen by Grogan and his accomplices.

"It was a very brave thing to do . . . she was very composed. It made your job easier," Judge Kennedy told gardaí and the legal team representing the state.

Down beaches awarded

Two beaches on the County Down coast have been awarded Blue Flags, indicating that they have a high standard of cleanliness, safety and beauty.

Cranfield and Warrenpoint beaches both received the prestigious award, and a spokesperson for Newry and Mourne Council expressed delight that the beaches were so well maintained.

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