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Baby news leaves Colin feeling ‘chuffed’

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

In a refreshing departure from the denials, disagreements and demands for DNA tests that have become de rigeur among the celebrity set these days, Farrell happily acknowledges his, er, participation in the procreation, and says that the news has left him feeling “chuffed.”
“It’s cool,” he told the hosts of a British chat show. “I’m chuffed, so over the moon. [The baby’s] due in about six months.”
The baby’s mother is said to be a 22-year-old American model. Her identity has not been made public so far, but we figure she soon won’t be hard to spot. After all, baby bumps and low-rider jeans are a match made in heaven.
There’s no indication that impending fatherhood will put a crimp in Colin’s swinging bachelor lifestyle. The red-hot star of “Minority Report” and “Daredevil” has been linked to every eligible model and starlet on the planet with the exception of the Olsen Twins. In fact, we hear that pop princess Britney Spears is so mad about the boy that she’s all over him like a rash.
Britney was over the moon when Colin chose her to be his date at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film, “The Recruit.” But if the screen had shown a test pattern for the whole two hours, the lusty Louisiana lass wouldn’t have noticed.
“He is so hot and adorably cute I didn’t even watch the movie,” she told pals. “I didn’t even know what it was about.”
So, OK, she’s no brain surgeon. But that doesn’t mean she’s shallow.
“I watched him the whole time,” she admitted. “And I’m like, ‘Holy crap, he is so cute.’ “
(That means she’s shallow.)
We’re sure that Colin is flattered, but we hear he’s giving her a wide berth.
“She’s too clingy,” he reportedly told a pal. Hey, what can you expect from someone who writhes around with a snake, moaning, “I’m a Slave4U”?

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