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February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Thirty-eight-year-old Tipp native Michael O’Shea successfully petitioned an Irish court for permission to change his name to Bond, James Bond. O’Shea — or rather, B.,J.B. — is a huge fan of the film series and its main character. Now, he will live the life of Reilly — or rather, B.,J.B. — as he flaunts the new moniker about town.
“I’ve been meaning to do it for years,” said the newly minted Bond. “I’m sure the girls will be drooling over me to become the next Mrs. Bond, James Bond,” he chortled.
Yeeeeaah. Ladies, please form a line to the right.
Anyway, fate being what it is, the new Bond, James Bond came face to face with, well, the official Bond, Jam . . . make that, Pierce Brosnan. In a restaurant. In England. (Where else?)
“When I told [Brosnan] that I was going to become the real Mr. Bond, he was really impressed,” said B.,J.B. “So was his wife, who was with him.”
Yeeeeaah. (Keely, get in line.)
Pierce was happy to give Bond his autograph, as well as a little advice.
“He said, ‘Don’t sign any contracts with film companies,’ ” said Bond. “Maybe he’s worried about the competition.”

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