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Clooney says Springer’s looney

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The former “ER” actor and all-around hunk has spent the last few weeks letting everyone know his feelings about the impending war with Iraq (he’s against it), his feelings about President Bush (he’s against him), and his feelings about ailing NRA chairman Charlton Heston (take a wild guess). Hey, the guy’s entitled to his opinions, right? But when Gorgeous George starts attacking the bedrock, nay, the very foundation of American popular culture, we just have to yell, “Stop!”
George thinks Jerry Springer has gone “too far.”
Stop the presses.
Now George hasn’t come to this conclusion lightly. After all, Springer is actually an old family friend, who got his start in television with the help of Clooney’s dad, Nick. But George thinks that, with “The Jerry Springer Show,” the uncrowned king of the trailer parks has, er, crossed the line of good taste. Which, of course, is the whole attraction of the show.
“He’s smart enough to know better than [to] put wireless mikes on people and [set] up fights,” Clooney told a British talk show host last week. (Sure, leave all the hard work for Bill O’Reilly.)
“There is a responsibility at some point when you do a show for as many years as he has,” said George. “He’s no friend of my family any more.”

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