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Cosmo capsules

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The Rocks’ 7-2-1 (win, loss, draw) record is only bettered by front-runners Pancyprian Freedoms (7-0-2, 23 points), who lead them by a point.
There are eight games remaining for the Irishmen in the spring, including a vital home fixture with Pancyprian, who are one of the two sides to beat them.
The following are capsules of Shamrock’s Division One opponents in the aptly named Cosmopolitan League:

Barnstonworth Rovers
Formed: 1993
Coach: Ron Baskin/Marvin Jones
Key players: Ron Baskin (F), Patrick Wisnom (Gk), Stavros Zomopoulos (M)
Honors: Div. III title (1997-1998), Div. II title (2000-2001)
Sponsor: Clancy’s
Ethnicity: Multicultural, including Finns, Greek, Scots, Americans

CD Iberia
Formed: 1967
Coach: Adolfo Osso
Key players: Sergio Miccas (M), Juan Lago (D), Diego Monteguaeo (D), Mike Torres (M), Jose SanMartin (F).
Honors: Div. II title (1999-2000)
Sponsor: Riazor Blues, Imperial Management, Casa Galicia
Ethnicity: Predominantly from Galicia, northern Spain

Central Park Rangers
Formed: 1999
Coach: Henrik Ottosson/Paul Clayton
Key players: Mo Alkandari (M), Henrik Ottosson (D), Yann Varin (F), Adam Brown (M)
Honors: Div. II title (2001-2002), League Cup runners-up (2001-2002)
Sponsor: Carlsberg, The Parlour
Ethnicity: Originally English, now American/multicultural

Formed: 1995
Coach: Kristo Curanovic
Key players: Fatos Selimi (F), Qazim Hakramaj (F), Fikrit Celaj (D), Ismet Gilaj (M), Herolind Hajdari (M), Edin Gjokaj (Gk), Ali Pepaj (M).
Honors: Div. II title, undefeated (1998-1999)
Sponsor: Omer Hakramaj
Ethnicity: Predominantly Albanian

Manhattan Kickers
Formed: 1975
Coach: Mike Fitzgerald
Key players: Norman Pile (F), Rich Webb (M), ex-pro; Andy Stern (M), Mike Ed Hicks (M), Joe Whiteman (F)
Honors: Div. II title (2001-2002)
Sponsor: Eight-Mile Creek restaurant
Ethnicity: Predominantly American

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Ridgewood Romac
Formed: 1999
Coach: Bogdan Lascu
Key Players: George Ghiorghita (M), Dan Ciabuca (F), Octav (D), Ionud (D)
Honors: Div. III title (1999-2000), Div. II title (2001-2001)
Sponsor: self-supported
Ethnicity: Mostly Romanian

New York Albanians
Formed: 1984
Coach: Gjon Llashaj
Key Players: Naum Kove (F), ex-international; Tony Camaj (F), Roland Demo (F), ex-Albanian pro; Blas Cardozo (M); Vuksan Gjolaj (Gk).
Honors: Div. I title (1989-90, 2001-2002), League Cup (2001-2002)
Sponsor: Eastwood Manor, Ciao Restaurant, Jamaica Buick, Alba Construction, Monumental Construction
Ethnicity: Albanian

New York Athletic Club
Formed: 1978
Coach: Ronan Downs
Key Players: Khouri Mullings (F), Pepper Brill (M), John McCallion (D), Gregg
Smalling (F)
Honors: Div. I title (1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-2000, 2000- 01); U.S. Men’s National Amateur Cup semi-finalists (1998)
Sponsor: Funded by New York Athletic Club soccer program
Ethnicity: American

Pancyprian Freedoms
Formed: 1975
Coach: Ben Hickey
Key players: Julio DeSantos (F), Rocky Bojovic (F), Nick Christopher (M), Chris Chrystomou (M)
Honors: CSL Div. I title (1978-79, 1979-80, 1981-82); U.S. Open Cup (1979, 1981, 1982); 5 Hellenic-American League titles; 2 Long Island League titles; Finalists 1984 Confederation of Central American and Caribbean Football tournament (championship match never played because of snow); Mundialito Cup (1985); friendly with U.S. national team, lost 2-1 (late ’80s).
Sponsor: Pancyprian Community Center
Ethnicity: Predominantly Cypriot

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