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Daniel: I’ll be back

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

In addition to the Golden Globe thingy and the E.B. Murphy Award for All-Around Hunkiness (relax, Pierce — there’s always next year), Daniel received the British equivalent of an Oscar last weekend. And now the actor is feeling so honored and loved and whatever that he’s rethinking his retirement plans.
Daniel told reporters that he plans to make a film this summer, but didn’t divulge any concrete details.
“I think I’m going to be working this summer,” he said coyly.
“I’m not being coy,” he insisted. “I’ll know more in a few days.”
Well, we already know, so we hope Daniel forgives us for spoiling his surprise. The actor has agreed to star in “Rose and the Snake,” a movie that will be directed by his wife, Rebecca Miller. The missus, daughter of playwright Arthur Miller and a right good writer in her own right, also co-wrote the script.
Daniel and Rebecca, married a few years now, seem to be blissfully happy (you know, the family that makes movies together stays together, etc.). During his BAFTA acceptance speech, Dan gave Becks a little shout out, thanking her for being “the best sport.” Which gives a little credence to those stories about him staying in character as Bill the Butcher 24/7 — you’d want to be a good sport to put up with that.
While the actor says that he’s planning to make more films, he still reserves the right to run off and make shoes when he needs to clear his head.
“Time away is part of the work,” he said. “It allows me to be able to do it.”

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