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Daniel’s New York English

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The New York Post reports that when Daniel was approached by Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein to sign on for “Gangs,” our favorite Mohican let loose with a string of rather salty epithets.
“I caught him unawares,” Weinstein explained.
“He gave me a few choice words,” he added. “I know he said, ‘Bleep you’ a lot.”
Plan B entailed having “Titanic” hunk Leo DiCaprio nag our boy into doing the movie. And, naturally, Scorsese insisted on wining and dining Daniel in some authentic, mafia-type joints in NYC, although we’re leaning closer to the horse’s-head-in-the-bed theory. Whatever happened, the guys somehow made DDL an offer he couldn’t refuse.
“Finally, he signed up,” added a relieved Weinstein. The New York Film Critics Circle obviously agree, since they named DDL the Best Actor for his performance in “Gangs.”
Speaking of Daniel, he’d like to know which one of his colleagues has been flapping his or her gums about his behavior on the set of “Gangs.” Stories swirled that DDL was so determined to stay in character (he plays a baddie named Bill the Butcher) between takes that it caused problems behind the scenes. Daniel counters, “Only the end result matters when it comes to creating a character.” So is that a yes or no?

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