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Digital firm has The Edge

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Bono had been a director of Media Lab Europe since October 2000, but demands on his time, including his humanitarian work on behalf of third world debt, is reckoned to have eaten into his commitment to the digital enterprise.
However, his fellow rock star, otherwise known as Dave Evans, is thought to have told the organization, a private company, that he was keen to be involved in the state-of-the-art electronic developments that Media Lab Europe has underway at its offices in the Dublin Liberties. He is thought to have pressed hard to replace Bono, and succeeded.
The directors of the company are appointed by the Irish government and by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Media Lab Europe was granted charitable status last year for tax purposes. One condition of that status is that the directors are not remunerated.
Media Lab Europe is only one part of the digital development that is hoped to change the face of the south inner city region of Dublin, especially the Thomas Street area. Some work has been completed but the major part of the reconstruction has yet to start.

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