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Dublin Report Irish statesmanship, always with a nod and a wink

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By John Kelly

Two good people dramatically changed their career paths last month. First, John Hume resigned from the Northern Ireland Assembly that he, more than anyone, worked so hard and so persistently to devise.

The second is Mo Mowlam, the most engaging and continually surprising British Northern Ireland secretary ever appointed. She resigned from the Cabinet.

A third person whose name is headlined daily also made a choice that got him, the Irish government, and even the European Investment Bank off a hook he never expected to be on in the first place.

Former Supreme Court Judge Hugh O’Flaherty, a Kerry native, would still have a lot to offer to his country but for an indiscretion that has both puzzled and bored the Irish people during what is described as the silly season in sparsely occupied newspaper offices.

Now that it is nearly autumn, with blackberries glistening on the shedding leaves of summer, perhaps it is also time to drop the dead donkey of a story the Flaherty saga has become.

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