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Dublin Report Nelson slain before justice could take hold in North

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By John Kelly

There is no sense in trying to understand why it happened. There is no sense in trying to discover any sense in the mindless, bloodthirsty hatred that blew away the life of Rosemary Nelson. There is no sense in hatred.

Like the naked sectarianism in which it is deeply rooted, it exists by its own volition. To seek for reason is to seek in vain.

Intimidation and terror are at their very worst when they are exercised in secret. A whisper in the ear can be even more devastating than a bomb blast. They whispered often in Rosemary Nelson’s ears. They reviled her sexually. They hissed that it was known to all that she slept with her clients. They called her a "Fenian bitch."

They terrified her often, but never quite enough to stop her from pursuing justice, even within the perverted Northern system, for her clients. Like Patrick Finucane, riddled with 14 bullets in his Belfast home 10 years ago, she would not allow herself to be terrified to the extent that she would refuse to continue seeking justice, however elusive it might sometimes be.

Many times, she warned many of how the so-called "upholders of law and order" had treated her. She had no reason to concoct the facts. They spoke loudly for themselves. She even went to the extent of telling a U.S. Congressional sub-committee on human rights last year that RUC members had often threatened her.

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