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February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Someone else being chosen for a job instead of you is not, in itself, very damaging at all. The problems arise if you start to let rejection grind you down. If you are applying for a new job for the twentieth time, are you doing so with as much enthusiasm and care as you were the first time? You should be. Don’t let past rejections affect your chances of success in the present or the future.

Look For Explanations
Look for reasons why you didn’t get a job that you had your heart set on. Some of those explanations might be reassuring — it is notoriously difficult, for example, for an external applicant to best someone from inside the company. If that is what happened, you shouldn’t get overly worried or negative about your own performance.

Remain Self-Aware
In guarding against a loss of self-esteem, don’t lose the capacity to see where you might have room for improvement. If you don’t get called for interview, have a second look at your resume and cover letter. If you got an interview, but not a job offer, review your interview performance. Maybe there are things you could have done better. Don’t torture yourself about this. But endeavor to do better next time.

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