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Echo Careers: Interview Tips

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

This will help you work out what elements of your own previous experience are likely to appeal to your potential employer. When the company itself comes up as a subject during the interview, you can answer professionally. But it is also important to rehearse as fully as you can for every interview, no matter how many interviews you have done. Finally, once you are in the room, relax. If you can avoid tensing up you will be more likely to give cogent answers and exude an air of confidence.

Be Diplomatic About Money
One of the trickiest issues to address in an interview is that of your salary requirements. If the interviewer raises the subject, it is obviously all right for you to take in general terms about the remuneration you want. Otherwise, tread carefully. The time to get into proper negotiations about money is after you have been offered the job. It probably isn’t the best idea to blurt out financial demands the moment your interviewer asks if you have any questions. Try to give the impression that you might have some interest in the job, beyond your paycheck.

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