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Echo Editorial: Sooner rather…

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Some have been waiting years for it.
The House of Representatives has already laid down its marker in the form of a bill that would lock up even those who give assistance to the undocumented. Funny, social workers do ply their trade in the nation’s prisons but we are as yet unaware of a social workers max wing in Sing Sing.
Nevertheless, we do live in strange and fraught times.
The House has gone silent on immigration for now and at least until February. It convened for all of five minutes on Tuesday before adjourning until the last day of the month.
The Senate, primary repository of hope for the undocumented Irish and their supporters, has a somewhat more ambitious agenda in this month of darkest winter.
It convened for a one-minute pro forma session Tuesday, but will gather again on January 18.
Of course, the absence of formal sessions in the Capitol doesn’t mean that all legislators have gone into complete hibernation.
Congressional offices are open and legislators, especially those up for reelection in November, are doing the rounds of their districts and states.
If you happen to come across one and feel so inclined, please remind him or her that while we Americans undoubtedly have enemies in this world that would wish us harm, they will not be found in the ranks of those who merely want to join us in our great national enterprise.
The undocumented might be living outside certain laws, but they do not deserve to be labeled criminal.
That is as good a starting point for the debate on immigration reform as we can think of in these, the opening days of 2006.

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