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Echo Editorial: Spirit of ’76

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

pastures, woodlands and log cabins of places such as Morristown and Valley Forge.
The spirit abides no matter what the weather or time of year. It should also abide no matter what the political climate, or the particular circumstances of a time, no matter how dire.
We have all heard concern voiced in recent years that the America forged in a time of trial, albeit tempered by an enlightenment, has veered too strongly in a direction that is, if not quite imperial, than at least imperious, in some of its attitudes and actions.
Given that the United States has lived with the threat of attack, and has suffered actual attack, this is not entirely surprising.
We harbor all human traits under our big tent. But a significant space must be retained for that particular spirit made manifest by the founding citizens.
We hope that spirit is applied, at least in some small measure, in the case of Malachy McAllister.
McAllister will enter a federal courthouse today not a million miles from Morristown, a little farther from Valley Forge.
The government wants to be rid of this man.
Had he arrived in the America of 1776, rather than that of 1996, he would have been warmly welcomed, and given a musket.
Time moves on. Circumstances change. But the spirit remains. Though his past might be flawed by the standards of contemporary legal perfections, there is yet room for this man in America.
His greatest ambition is to be an American citizen.
It’s a dream that the patriots of 1776 would readily understand.

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