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Echoes of the Millennium: The Irish Echo’s Millennium Quiz

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Complied by Peter McDermott

1900: Who died at the Hotel d’Alsace in Paris on Nov. 30?

1901: What team became the first and only based outside the country to win the All-Ireland senior hurling championship?

1902: What war, which had Irish volunteers on both sides, ended?

1903: What Irish labor leader began a seven-year sojourn in the United States?

1904: The action of what novel takes place on June 16 of this year?

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1905: What political party was founded by Arthur Griffith?

1906: What future Nobel laureate and Paris resident was born in Foxrock, Co. Dublin, on May 13?

1907: The work of what playwright caused a riot in Dublin?

1908: The Dublin Municipal Art Gallery opened specializing in what type of art?

1909: The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union was founded in Dublin by whom?

1910: Who became leader of the Unionists?

1911: A monument honoring what politician, known as the "uncrowned king of Ireland," was unveiled on Sackville Street 20 years after his death?

1912: What calamitous event took place on April 14?

1913: What titled activist opened a soup kitchen for striking workers during the Dublin lock-out?

1914: Arms were landed at what County Dublin seaside village in August?

1915: Who ended a graveside oration with: "Ireland unfree shall never be at peace"?

1916: What birth-control pioneer opened a clinic in New York City?

1917: Who died as a result of forcible feeding while on hunger strike?

1918: Who was elected governor of the state of New York?

1919: What body met for the first time in Dublin on Jan. 21?

1920: "This Side of Paradise" was the first novel of what major figure in American literature?

1921: What public building in Dublin was destroyed in the course of a major engagement between the IRA and British forces?

1922: Who was the commander-in-chief of the Free State Army killed on Aug. 22?

1923: What Irish senator won a Nobel prize?

1924: What Southern party leader served a one-month prison sentence north of the border?

1925: The boundary commission confirmed the exclusion from the Irish Free State of Antrim, Armagh, Down, Derry, Tyrone and what other county?

1926: Who wrote the "The Plough and the Stars," which opened at the Abbey Theatre to loud protests?

1927: What government minister was assassinated on July 10?

1928: Who won the first of his two hammer-throwing Olympic titles representing Ireland at the Amsterdam games?

1929: "Recollections of an Irish Rebel" were the memoirs of what American-based activist who had died the previous year?

1930: What Irish tenor received £ 100,000 for his 11 songs in the film "Song o’ My Heart"?

1931: What native of Manhattan’s East Side had a star-making role in the film "The Public Enemy"?

1932: What major figure in the Irish literary renaissance, and friend and patron of W.B. Yeats, died on May 22?

1933: "Fiche Bliain ag Fas," in English "Twenty Years a-Growing," by Garda Muiris O Suileabhain was set on what island off the Kerry coast?

1934: What was the name of the island-themed, Robert Flaherty-directed documentary that premiered in Dublin?

1935: Eoin O’Duffy resigned as leader of what party?

1936: What right-wing radio priest sponsored his own candidate in the U.S. presidential election?

1937: What Roscommon-born actress starred in the Marx Brothers’ film "A Day at the Races"?

1938: Who went the "wrong way" and landed in Dublin?

1939: World War II, which began on Sept. 1, was officially known in Ireland as what?

1940: What military and political leader, who claimed some Irish heritage, fled his country for London?

1941: Who died in Zurich on Jan. 13?

1942: What was the family name of the five brothers who died when USS Juneau was sunk by the Japanese?

1943: What Connacht team won the first of its two All-Ireland senior football championships?

1944: What film won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actor (Bing Crosby), Best Supporting Actor (Barry Fitzgerald) and Best Director (Leo McCarey)?

1945: What future international rock star was born in Belfast on Aug. 31?

1946: What New York-born, Galway-raised radio announcer was hanged for treason in London on Jan. 3?

1947: What Dublin-born actress starred in "Miracle on 34th Street"?

1948: What did Taoiseach John A. Costello announce on a trip to Ottawa?

1949: What Mayo-born politician was reelected mayor of New York City?

1950: What writer, author of "Pygmalion," "John Bull’s Other Island" and "The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism," died on Nov. 2?

1951: What Munster county won its third consecutive All-Ireland senior hurling championship?

1952: Who played the wife of the embattled sheriff in "High Noon"?

1953: The Chester Beatty Library, which opened in Dublin, specializes in what type of material?

1954: Which U.S. senator was condemned by his colleagues in a Senate vote on Dec. 2?

1955: Whose first play, "The Quare Fellow," was produced on the London stage?

1956: Who lost his bid to become the party’s vice-presidential candidate at the Democratic Convention?

1957: Who won a Pulitzer posthumously for his drama "Long Day’s Journey into Night"?

1958: What Dublin-born Manchester United player lost his life in the Munich air disaster?

1959: Who was the Londoner of mainly Irish-Catholic heritage who directed "North By Northwest"?

1960: Paul Hewson, born on May 10, became better known by what name?

1961: What major Irish institution began life on New Year’s Eve?

1962: What folk group began singing together in O’Donoghue’s Pub in Dublin?

1963: Whose novel, "The Group," which followed the progress of a group of female college friends, was a bestseller in America?

1964: Who was elected a U.S. senator for New York?

1965: The remains of what Irish nationalist were reinterred following a state funeral, half a century after his death?

1966: What future singer of "Nothing Compares 2 U" was born on Dec. 8?

1967: What Monaghan-born poet died in Dublin on Nov. 30?

1968: A strong primary showing by what politician forced President Lyndon Johnson from seeking a second full term?

1969: Name the 21-year-old woman who was elected to the House of Commons in April?

1970: Who was appointed party leader of the newly formed Social Democratic and Labor Party?

1971: What former taoiseach (1959-1966) died on May 11?

1972: "Bloody Friday" occurred on July 21 in what city?

1973: Ireland became a member of what international organization on Jan. 1?

1974: What future star of the English and Italian leagues began his international career in Ireland’s 3-0 Nations’ Cup victory over the Soviet Union?

1975: Three members of what showband were shot dead in Northern Ireland?

1976: The "blanket" protest began in what Northern Ireland prison?

1977: Who led the Fianna Fail party to a landslide victory after four years in opposition?

1978: What actor/writer/producer, long associated with Dublin’s Gate Theatre, died on March 6?

1979: What Cork hurling legend died, aged 58, on March 2?

1980: Who was the musician of Irish heritage killed in New York on Dec. 8?

1981: What U.S. government official was shot, later lending his name to a gun control measure?

1982: Who described events surrounding a murder case as "grotesque, unprecedented, bizarre and unbelievable"?

1983: Who won the 1,500-meter world title?

1984: What Dublin-born folk singer died on Jan. 30 at the age of 43?

1985: Who became the World Boxing Association featherweight champion?

1986: What veteran socialist and former cabinet minister’s autobiography, "Against the Tide," became a bestseller in Ireland?

1987: Who became the first Irishman to win the Tour de France?

1988: What milestone did Dublin officially celebrate?

1989: Who won an Oscar for her role in "My Left Foot"?

1990: Who was Ireland’s goalkeeper in the World Cup played in Italy?

1991: What future taoiseach was fired from the cabinet?

1992: Michael Carruth won a gold medal in the Barcelona Olympics in what sport?

1993: Whose novel, "The Snapper," was made into a television movie?

1994: What Cork native wrote "Felicia’s Journey"?

1995: Whose best-selling novel, "Circle of Friends," was made into a film?

1996: What Leinster team won the All-Ireland senior football final?

1997: Who stepped down as Irish president after serving a seven-year term?

1998: What two politicians shared the Nobel Peace Prize?

1999: Who became the most capped soccer international ever for Ireland?

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