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Editorial: A family divided

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

It’s about time. The ordeal that this family has had to endure has been absurd from the start. It has also been disconcerting. How can Americans be fully confident that the immigration system will work efficiently in keeping the bad guys out when it is so inefficient when it comes to letting the good guys in? U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews has pointedly asked a question in connection with the Dallmer case: How can it be that people can renegotiate a mortgage in 30 minutes on the internet and the Immigration and Naturalization Service is carrying out a weeks-long criminal background check on a child and then loses the paperwork? Sure, the immigration service, now absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security, has a tough job in tough times. But that should be an incentive to avoid the pitfalls of old bureaucratic habits and utter absurdities such as the situations the Dallmers were plunged into. The reunion of this family can’t happen a day too soon.

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