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Editorial Christmas anxiety

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Many Americans can be forgiven for fearing that Santa will arrive this year with nothing more than a sleigh full of anxiety and uncertainty. The once-thriving economy has stalled. The technology sector that fueled it for so long is taking a monumental beating in the markets, and with it the investments of many ordinary people. The presidential election lasted not one day but more than five weeks, and though it has officially been decided in George W. Bush’s favor, many among us today feel like we’ve had the distinct pleasure of going 15 rounds with a young Mike Tyson. And if we weren’t battered enough at home, those of us concerned about the pace of the Irish peace process have had precious little to cheer about the last few weeks, President Clinton’s visit to Ireland last week notwithstanding.

Indeed, it’s rare when domestic and world events overtake shopping as the cause for distress during the holiday season. In reality, though, it is little more than another reminder, though an untimely one, that we live in complex times.

Americans would do themselves and their loved ones a favor by trying to block out these distractions over the next week. Go to Mass instead. Celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Find the peace that is in your heart. You’ll be glad you did. The world can wait.

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