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Editorial Election Day

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

In keeping with tradition, the Irish Echo does not endorse political candidates. But this paper fully endorses the view that each and every vote counts in each and every election. So, whether it be for president of the United States, senator or town board member, every vote cast on Election Day will be an important expression of support of American democracy.

Perhaps more than in previous elections, Irish Americans this year are in a position to decide between two main presidential candidates who have promised to place Ireland near the top of the foreign-policy totem pole. Words, of course, can blow this way and that in politics, so the outcome of the presidential race, no matter who wins, is only a beginning rather than an end for those who believe that the U.S. should remain engaged in the quest for a lasting settlement of Ireland’s Troubles.

As in the presidential race, many candidates for congressional, state, county and municipal offices this year have been given the opportunity to embrace Irish-American concerns, concerns that have been widely reflected and explained in the press in recent years. Geographic distance from Ireland is no longer an excuse for ignorance or a lack of interest on the part of any candidate.

In many races, and especially in the presidential contest, opinion polls reflect the likelihood of neck-and-neck finishes on Nov. 7. This is a positive aspect of Campaign 2000, as it should persuade voters to exercise their rights on the grounds that every vote really will count. In the end, the more people who vote, the more we are assured that the candidate who reflects the views of the majority of U.S. citizens has been elected.

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