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Halle says Pierce is real-life hero

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

“We were doing the love scene and I was trying to be way too sexy for my own good,” she confessed to reporters recently. “Something got stuck in my throat and I wasn’t getting any air in or out and Pierce said that he always knew that if someone wasn’t coughing they were really choking. And he just right away jumped up in back of me, did something, and out the thing came.”
The anecdote prompted one concerned journalist to inquire, “Did you guys have any clothes on at the time?”
“We did, but it was very bare, but we just forget that,” replied the 34-year-old Cleveland native. “He jumped up. I jumped up and the lights came up, everybody came rushing in. And when it was over we looked around, ‘Oh, lights down.’ It was so not sexy. After that is was, ‘OK let’s just shoot this scene.'”
Of course, Brosnan is no stranger to heroic behavior. The 49-year-old Irishman has played James Bond in the last four installments of the 007 series and this latest outing might just be Bond’s most exciting adventure ever.
“Bond is captured, tortured, and stripped of his credentials as a double-0 agent,” Brosnan explained. “For the first time, he becomes a renegade, forced to redeem himself and get back into the game. He almost loses his identity. What better grist for the mill for a character like Bond?”
Brosnan says that when he starts making a new Bond film, he has no problem slipping into character.
“The challenge now is to continually make [this film] better than the one before. That’s tough because we’ve set the bar so high,” he reasoned. “Bond is an action hero, a fantastic creation, but you still have to fight for the character, find what he’s hungry for and find the drama within the action.”
Fans will notice that their hero shows a bit more vulnerability than usual this time around. Brosnan says that was intentional.
“You look for the moments,” he said. “Sometimes they are right there. They are in the book. [Ian] Fleming embroidered those into the character. There is very little known about [Bond.] He didn’t give a lot away, Fleming. But he adds those moments of fear and that kind of sting of death to the character and I try to bring that into the piece.
“It makes Bond more accessible. He is a very charming, confident, elegant character, who is lethal because he has this license to kill. He knows how to move through the fair of life and can sit with any man or woman anywhere in the world he so charming and knowledgeable about so many aspects of his society and yet I think there is a certain kind of loneliness and darkness to him that when he is private, when he is alone, what do you see? And we don’t really have enough of those in the film, actually.”
“Die Another Day,” the 20th installment in the James Bond franchise, is in theaters now. Brosnan can be seen next in the drama, “Evelyn,” opposite
Aidan Quinn and Stephen Rea.

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