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Helli-Corr-pter rides

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

OK, maybe he doesn’t quite rate as super, but Jim Corr, the only one of his famous singing family to boast a Y chromosome, was at one with the birdies in the skies over Dublin last week. The millionaire musician, who’s currently between model gal pals, has found another way to get his thrills: the boy is learning to fly choppers.
Corr has been taking lessons on how to fly the whirly birds, and made his first flight last weekend (with instructor at his side.) After a 35-minute ride, Jim was ready for a solo flight. He piloted the small aircraft over Dublin’s North Side for nearly half an hour before returning to earth.
While Jim was slightly crushed to learn that he won’t qualify for a full helicopter license until he’s logged many more hours in the air, he can console himself with another kind of toy. Corr has splashed out on a snazzy black Lexus SC 430 — something that’s sure to attract the ladies. (Since, from what we can deduce, neither his looks, talent nor bank book is working.)

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