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Irish Echo Quiz

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

1. Who wrote the wartime bestselling book "Why England Slept"?

2. A Magyar is a member of the main ethnic group in which country?

3. The baseball player Leroy Paige was widely known by what nickname?

4. Which of the planets takes 248 years to go once around the Sun?

5. In a restaurant, what would be the opposite to a prix fixe menu?

6. How many square inches make up a square foot?

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7. Wien is the German name for which European city?

8. Spoonbill, avocet and petrel are all kinds of what?

9. Which composer’s sole opera is called "Fidelio"?

10. Which Irish county is known as the Model County?

Quiz Answers

1. John F. Kennedy, 2. Hungary, 3. Satchel, 4. Pluto, 5. A la carte, 6. 144, 7. Vienna, 8. Bird, 9. Beethoven, 10. Wexford.

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