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John Hume A political chronology

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

1965-66: The campaign to site the new University of Ulster in Derry.

1967-68: The civil rights campaign.

1970 (Aug. 21): Foundation of the Social Democratic and Labor Party.

1973-74: Sunningdale Agreement and setting up of first power-sharing agreement. Hume head of department of commerce.

1976: Hume in the U.S., forges links with Tip O’Neill and Ted Kennedy.

1983: New Ireland Forum.

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1985: Anglo-Irish Agreement.

1988: First talks with Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams.

1991: Involved in the Peter Brooke interparty talks.

1992: secret talks with republican leaders, including Adams.

1993 (November): under intense pressure for his continuing talks with Adams, suffers breakdown after IRA bombing in Shankill and UDA retaliatory massacre in Greysteel.

1997 (Sept. 15 ): beginning of all-party talks, including Sinn Fein.

1998 (April 10 ): Good Friday Agreement signed.

1998 (December): Hume and David Trimble, the UUP leader, are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

1999 (December): Powers devolved to new Northern Ireland power-sharing government.

2000 (Feb. 11): Britain collapses Northern Ireland government and reimposes direct rule due to IRA’s failure to decommission

May 6: IRA states it will open arms dumps to outside inspectors.

May 30: Devolved government restored.

Aug. 30: Hume announces retirement from local politics.

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