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LGAA Roundup: Leitrim, Cavan for Kearney Cup final

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Marie Flood

Leitrim 3-12, Na Fianna 2-3

Leitrim meant business from the throw-in and notched two goals and four points before Na Fianna got their first score. They were in top form, and while Na Fianna did their best to work the ball up the field, they came up against a solid Leitrim back line with excellent defending from Kathleen Hickey, Una Burke, Joan Vaughan, Debbie Murphy and Colette McElligot.

Their scores came from great teamwork from the backline through midfield into the forward line with great points from Tracy Rice, Sadie Bolger and Eiblish Dineen. Leitirm’s first goal came from Pat Meade, who received a pass from Jacinta Boyle. The second goal came minutes later off the left boot of Tracy Rice, who had a great game, winning many balls throughout ending with a personal tally of 1-5. Leitrim finished the first half with a point from Clare Tracey, Na Fianna never really settled into the first half and went into break with only a point (from Ann Ryan) to Leitrim’s 2-5.

The second half produced more scores from Na Fianna, but not before Leitrim increased their scoreline with a point from Sadie Bolger (free kick) and a lovely point from Ann Marie McMunn after a solo run from midfield. Na Fianna’s first goal came from Maree

Maloney from a sideline ball that fell into her hands in front of the goal and she made no mistake in beating the keeper. Leitrim replied with points from Sadie Bolger, Collete McElligot and Tracey Rice.

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Na Fianna’s best efforts were displayed in the final 15 minutes with great play from mid fielder Chiara Ferry, who created many chances for her teammates, but they were unable to convert them all to scores. However, at that point Leitrim had pretty much sewen up the game. Na Fianna finished up with a point from Ann Ryan and a goal from Chiara Ferry which she deflected into the bottom corner of the net off a free kick from Marie Curran. Leitrim’s third goal came in the dying minutes when Tracey Rice’s shot was saved, nut when the keeper tried to pass the ball out of danger, it was intercepted by Mairead Casey, who made no mistake in putting it in the back of the net.

For the winners, it was an all-around display. For Na Fianna, there were great efforts from Caroline Conway-Bogue, Maureen Touhy, Michelle Davis, Paula Corbett, Rose Dunican-Healy, Chiara Ferry, Grace Kelly, Mary McEvoy and Ann Ryan.

Leitrim: Tracey Rice 1-5, Sadie Bolger 0-3, Eibhlish Dineen 0-1, Ann Marie McMunn 0-1, Pat Meade 1-0, Clare Tracey 0-1, Colette McElligot 0-1, Mairead Casey 1-0. Player of the game: Tracey Rice.

Na Fianna: Maree Maloney 1-0, Ann Ryan 0-2, Chiara Ferry 1-1

Player of the Game: Chiara Ferry.

Cavan 3-15, Rockland 0-1

This was a day of high scoring for both winning teams making grounds for a great final in Gaelic Park on July 11.

Cavan’s forward’s were in scoring mode making life very difficult for the Rockland defense, who were under pressure the entire game. Gillian Bennett opened the scoreline for Cavan with a point followed closely by a goal from Catherine McAteer. Rockland replied after working the ball down the field to Coleen McElroy, who took her point well. Unfortunately for Rockland, that was to be their only socre. Though they fought hard to the final whistle, they were no match for the defending champions.

Cavan’s backline were solid and let nothing by making it a frustrating hour for Rockland forwards, who tried hard to create chances. Cavan midfielder Denise Maher had a definite height advantage and won much of the play either with clean catches or breaking the ball down to the forward line. Cavan went on a scoring rampage and were unstoppable for the much of the first half. Great points from Deidre Feeney (0-4), Justine Clifford (0-1), Catherine McAteer (0-1), a Gillian Bennet special, who also put over a couple of points, and a great goal off the Karen Shalvey’s left foot put Cavan’s scoreline up to 3-9 to Rockland’s point.

In the second half, Rockland’s defenders played a tighter game, and while they didn’t concede goals, they could not stop the points from Bennet, Shalvey, Russell and McAtteer. For the winners, it was the usual team effort. For Rockland, keeper Jen Ellis was under a lot of pressure and pulled off some fine saves. Jonnie Foley, Joanna Hoenninger, Jen Miami, Mags Dineen, KerryAnn Galvin and AnnMarie Maye tried hardest.

Cavan: Gillian Bennett 1-6, Catherine McAteer 1-3, Deidre Feeney 0-3, Justine Clifford 0-1, Karen Shalvey 1-1, Catherine Russell 0-1. Player of the Game: Gillian Bennett.

Rockland: Coleen McElroy 0-1.

Next week

1:30 p.m., Rockland vs. Ciarrai

2:45 p.m., Leitrim vs. Monaghan

4 p.m., Cavan vs. Na Fianna

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