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Loyalist mob attacks McGuinness’s car

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

McGuinness said the crowd of about 12, who threw stones and bottles at the car before kicking and punching it, included three DUP councilors and other supporters of the Rev. Ian Paisley’s party.
A DUP spokesman said he would be surprised if the account was true. “Our position on Mr. McGuinness’s politics is very clear,” he said. “But I have not heard that any of our people were involved.”
McGuinness, however, was adamant that DUP members were involved.
“Philip McGuigan and myself were scheduled to meet a number of local groups in Ballymoney Council offices,” he said after the attack.
“On our arrival at the offices a crowd of around a dozen loyalists, who had obviously been made aware of my visit and began to attack my car. Stones and bottles were thrown and the mob kicked and punched the car.
“Serious damage was caused before we were able to get away. I fear to think what would have happened if they had gained access to the interior of the car, which, fortunately, they did not.
“Present with the mob were two local DUP councilors. These individuals have very serious questions to answer about this afternoon’s incident.
“It will be interesting to note what response this incident receives from the DUP leadership, particularly Ian Paisley, who represents this constituency.”

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