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Madonnas hot for Cork story

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The Material Girl cant wait to get her hands on the rights to a story about Ringsakiddy, Co. Cork - better known as the home of the Pfizer factory that manufactures Viagra.
The singer is quite the expert when it comes to well, you know, the s word. Her past projects include a book of naughty pictures titled Sex, and shes been banned from MTV more often than weve had hot dinners. But now that shes a respectable wife and mommy (and the star of Swept Away, a movie so bad that it made Roger Ebert want to chew off his thumbs), Maddy wants to sit back and watch her investments, er, expand.
Madonnas company, Maverick Films, hopes to get the green light to film Something in the Air, about a town in which the locals are driven into an amorous frenzy when fumes leak from a Viagra plant. In Madonnas version, however, the story will be shifted (sorry!) to a small town in America. Whats got the singer hot and bothered is the fact that a rival film company has stuck its oar in and is already, um, putting the moves on the townsfolk.

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