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Money walks

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

It’s been getting like that for a while and it just so happened a few different storylines came together at once to create the perfect storm.
The upshot of it all is that scoffing at the thousands of Irish for whom the take-over of Manchester United was apparently like a death in the family isn’t going to be as easy as previously thought. Best not to poke too much fun when the entire episode has obvious implications for other sports.
Sure, it’s darkly humorous when so many righteous individuals from all corners of the island reveal their lives to be such vacuous and empty places that corporate shenanigans involving a North-West of England PLC so deeply affect them. However, the United saga does serve as a cautionary reminder to us all of the nefarious role money can play in ruining a sport. Objectively, Malcolm Glazer is entitled to purchase a majority stake and to finance that purchase anyway he likes but we’d be fools to ignore the lessons to be gleaned here.
In the past few days, Shamrock Rovers have been docked eight points by the Eircom League for irregular accounting procedures of a sort that merited a penalty at least two points more expensive than that. At the same time, a group of well-meaning Rovers fans have got together and raised

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