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N.Y. All-Star football panel named

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The N.Y. All-Star team will be picked from this panel to travel to Ireland on Sept. 18 and compete in an international Gaelic Football tournament:

Astoria, Mark Burke; Cavan: Barry Annette; Celtics, Danny O’Sullivan, David O’Sullivan, Ken Cot, Sean Walsh, Aiden Traynor; Clare, Danny Lynch; Cork, Pat Mahoney, Tom Fitzgibbon; Donegal, Eunan Doherty, Gerry Kelly, Keith Nolan, Owen Cummins, Donal Breslin, Dave McSweeney, Kieran Kevaney, Leslie McGettigan, Tadgh Donovan, Lar Molloy, Damien Meehan; Down, Collie Matters; Kerry, Willie O’Donnell, Tom Mannion, Paudie Mulvihill; Leitrim, Joe Madden, Neville Dunn, John Meehan, Mike Brosnan, John Donahue, Jim Donahue, John McGuinness; Longford, Kevin McCartney, Kevin Lilly, Brendan Donahue.

Also, Mayo, Dermot Fleming, James Prenty; Monaghan, Brendan Scott, Eddie Murphy; Offaly, Sean Nolan; Rangers, Joe Moloney, Dave Phelan, Tom Bermingham; Rockland, Dave Fitzgerald, Mike Fitzpatrick, Gerry O’Riordan; Roscommon, Richie Maher; Sligo, Tom Keane, Mike Gilligan; Stamford, Keith Hennessey, Ted Steed, Justin O’Halloran; Tyrone, Danny Barr, Aiden Lloyd; Westmeath, Tom Quinn, Brian McCabe, Tom Moriarty, Mike Healy, Dave Newman, Robbie Dooley, John Markey; Westput, Danny Leavy, Phil Connolly.

Training will start on Monday, July 13, and be held again the following Thursday. Call Pat Scanlan, team manager, for questions or if any of the above players who want to be excluded from the list because they cannot make a full commitment to train and/or travel to the tournament. Daytime phone number (718) 548-9530. Night phone number is (718) 549-7103.

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