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Naomi wants all that jazz

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Though her mid-’90s attempt at a singing career fizzled, Naomi’s inner diva would not be denied. Encouraged by pals like Bono and the just-married Christy Turlington, Naomi is taking another crack at performing. But this time, the statuesque stunner, who studied dance as a child, has been invited to join the cast of the Broadway hit “Chicago.” (Given her extensive A-list buddy list, that should be some opening night party.)
In more Naomi news (yes, yes, she’s not Irish, but it’s a slow news week) we hear that everything is all lovey-dovey between the model and her former mortal enemy, Victoria Beckham.
Gossip junkies will recall their famously catty exchange at a high-profile party a few years back. Miffed at the amount of attention Victoria was attracting, thanks to her engagement to David Backham, Naomi hissed, “Why do they call you Posh?”
“Why do they call you beautiful?” was Vicky’s spicey retort. (Waiter, we’ll need two saucers of milk at this table.)
But sure, now everyfing’s ‘unky-dory wif the Brit beauties. In fact, they just love each other to death.
“I love her,” cooed Naomi. “She’s really bright and a hard worker.”
So what brought about the change of heart?
“Victoria . . . showed me a few things that I just hadn’t seen before about her,” said Naomi. Like, maybe, fists the size

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