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New and Noteworthy Another kiss-off for Minnie the Smooch

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Minnie Driver’s circle of (cute guy) friends keeps getting smaller and smaller. The curly-haired actress, who shot to fame as the “plump article” in the movie version of M’ve Binchy’s romantic comedy a few years ago, has found naught but choppy seas in her quest for off-camera romance.

One would think that an Oscar nomination, a pretty face, a killer bod and a wardrobe so nifty that it’s earned her a permanent spot on the “What People Are Wearing” pages of gossip mags would assure social success. But poor Min just has no man sense. Those with long memories will recall that Driver was closerthanclose to her “Good Will Hunting” co-star, Matt Damon.

Alas, as happens in the land of young love, the pair grew apart. Specifically, during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Damon announced that he no longer had a girlfriend. Which was news to Minnie. His girlfriend.

By Oscar time, the two were avoiding one another like the plague. Rumors swirled that Minnie was devastated when Matt met actress Winona Ryder, who is quite short and doesn’t even have naturally curly hair. Unfortunately for Minnie, Winnie was happy and peppy and ready for love, having dumped longtime boyfriend, rocker David Grohl of Soul Asylum. They soon became an item, double dating with that other glam couple, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck.

But young hearts heal fast. Taking a leaf out of Winona’s copybook, Min decided to find her own rock star. Soon – as in, just days later – Minnie was spotted by gossipistas canoodling with Taylor Hawkins, drummer with hot hot hot band The Foo Fighters.

The two were inseparable – literally – as Minnie flew across the country to catch a number of FF concerts. Unfortunately, Hawkins found this a bit overwhelming. When he found out that she planned to drop in frequently during the band’s upcoming European tour, he bailed.

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A source close to the action told the New York Post, “Basically, he thought she was . . . too demanding.” Unfortunately, the source added, “Minnie’s devastated.”

Flatley’s flash bash

Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley is up to his shapely bum in plans for his upcoming Hyde Park spectacular, “Feet of Flame.” This is the syncopated extravaganza we told you about in which Flatley will be joined onstage by the members of all three LOD touring companies. The event will take place exactly two years after LOD kicked off at the Point Depot in Dublin.

Flatley is, as we speak, holed up in a country house outside Naas, rehearsing for the show and planning the after party to end all after parties. He wants his favorite band, The Corrs, to provide the music for the 400-plus guests – and he’s inviting the kind of crowd that puts the V in the V.I.P.

Naturally, this is all thirdhand, as Michael’s playing his cards close to his well-toned chest. No word on who’s invited or where the party’s being held. What we can tell you and all the celebs who look to us for guidance: if you have to wonder whether you’re invited . . . you’re not.

But does he have an Edge?

You’d think being rock royalty and having a really, really distinctive nickname and your own Lear jet would be enough to get you in to even the snootiest golf club, right? Well, maybe yes and maybe no, as U2’s Dave Evans, aka The Edge, is finding out.

The guitarist is sweating out the application process for entry into the extremely exclusive Royal Dublin Golf Club. We hear that the membership roles are already closed, but Edge still has a chance to get in. If he’s successful, he’ll have to pay a _3,500 entry fee as well as _700 in dues per year. Which is probably what he tips the bellmen – make that, bellpersons – at his Clarence Hotel.

Just in case Edge’s application is rejected, he can take comfort in the words of Groucho Marx: “I would never be a member of a club that would have me as a member.”

Mutual admiration society

You’ll be happy to know that actor John Cusack – the thinking woman’s hunk – has teamed up with equally hunky Irish actor Aidan Quinn to make a film in Ireland.

The movie, “This is My Father,” is set in 1930s Ireland. It’s based on the true story of an American farmer in Ireland who searches for the truth about his mother’s affair with a local farmer. The movie, which stars James Caan, is a Quinn family affair: Aidan’s acting and producing; his brother Declan is the writer and director, and brother Paul is handling the cinematography.

Cusack, who has a cameo role in the film, says he was looking forward to working with the Quinns.

“Myself and Aidan go back a long way,” he said. “We’re old friends from acting school, and he told me about this film and I was intrigued by both the story and the script.”

Cusack says he one of Aidan’s biggest fans. “Aidan is a fantastic actor . . . it’s been a pleasure to work with him in his homeland . . . The power of some Irish films has amazed me. They are films with a heart . . .the heart of the Irish, so to speak.” Sigh.

Has he told you lately . . .

Like the rest of you, we always assumed that famous people were all best buddies or at least knew one other through silent hand signals (like pitchers and catchers in baseball). But, nonono – it seems that’s not the case. Which BoyZone’s chief Boy, Ronan, found out. Much, much, much to his chagrin.

It seems that Ronan’s a big fan of spiky-haired rocker “Hot” Rod Stewart, and both singers were at the premiere of the movie “Mr. Bean,” a few months ago. Ronan was frilled at the thought of meeting his idol, and went up to say hello.

But let’s let Ronan tell it.

“I went up to him and said, ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ But he didn’t even look at me. . . . He shook my hand and just looked the other way. I was totally disgusted.

“If there’s one thing I hate is [sic] when someone shakes your hand but doesn’t even look you in the eye.”

We can only imagine how long it takes the Boyz to greet their legions of fans if they insist on eye contact with every one of their screamin’ teens. But we’re getting off the subject . .

The whole experience has changed Ronan’s life forever.

“I used to really respect Rod Stewart,” Ronan said. “But I’ve got no time for him anymore.” Sounds like someone needs a bit of a love touch.


American country star Trisha Yearwood, whose version of “How Will I Live Without You” beat out that li’l whippersnapper LeAnne Rimes for the Grammy this year, has an Irish connection – via marriage. Her husband, Robert Reynolds, has been in Ireland, searching for his Galway roots in the company of his 86-year-old granny.

Reynolds, who heads up a popular country band, The Mavericks, stopped for a chat and, presumably, a cuppa tea with singer Daniel O’Donnell recently. He told wee Daniel, “We were looking for Deelys around the east of Galway, and I couldn’t keep up with [my grandmother]. Her maiden name is Deely.”

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