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New evidence may lead to arrests in Finucane case

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The killing, which took place Feb. 12 1989 has long been at the heart of damaging allegations that members of a shadowy British army intelligence unit, known as the Force Research Unit, engaged in collusion with the Ulster Defense Association, which claimed responsibility for the murder under its cover-name of the Ulster Freedom Fighters. Stevens has sent his new evidence, which has not been made public, to the Director for Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland. Among those who reportedly might face charges is Brigadier Gordon Kerr, who was head of FRU in the late 1980s, and is currently attached to the British embassy in Peking. Brigadier Kerr was questioned by the Stevens enquiry last December.
The charges relate to the fact that several members of the UDA who were involved in the planning and the execution of the operation against Finucane were working for various branches of the intelligence services, including FRU and the Royal Ulster Constabulary Special Branch.
Last month, Stevens, in an interview, said that the majority of those arrested and questioned in connection with the murder of Finucane were working for one or other of the intelligence services. It has been learned that as many as 13 UDA men took part in the operation. They all belonged to

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