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New & Noteworthy: Brian & Kerry: privacy, please

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

This week’s rather sordid revelations include Brian’s battle with alcohol, Kerry’s post-split fling with British model Dan Corsi, Brian’s decision to pose nude for Cosmopolitan magazine, and Kerry’s emotional meltdown when her estranged hubby dedicated a song to her at a recent concert.
For the record: Brian hit the bottle when he split from Kerry, and two of the songs on his new album, “Irish Son,” are about his struggle with his addiction.
“I’ve written two songs about it — ‘He’s No Hero’ and ‘Pull Myself Away,’ which people tend to believe is a love song,” he told a British
newspaper. “But [it] is actually about my life with alcohol.”
The singer has also confirmed that he will follow in the footsteps of Burt Reynolds and Arnold Governator by posing in the altogether for Cosmopolitan magazine. Brian will appear in the British edition’s January issue, and word has it that during the photo shoot, he wore nothing but a great big smile. But before you start bugging your overseas relatives to send over a copy, know this: you won’t see all of Brian. (Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.) A little strategic set dressing ensured that the picture stayed in the PG category. (Thank goodness.)
And, in a perfect tabloid ending to the whole sorry saga, there are rumors afloat that the pair seem close to reconciling. Kerry was seen sobbing as Brian serenaded her during a recent concert, and the two have been spotted chatting, smooching and driving around together. Which raises the uncharitable question of whether this could all have been a publicity stunt designed to start Brian’s solo career off with a bang. But no one would be that cynical. Would they?

Mariah Carey — she of the five-octave range, the five-inch heels and the itsy-bitsy dresses — has decided to lay off the vocal tricks on her upcoming album. “The Emancipation of Mimi” will feature more singing and less of that annoying screechy-whistle stuff. And for those of you who just can’t get enough Mariah-themed products, take heart. The singer will following the multitasking footsteps of rival diva Kylie Minogue by designing a line of sexy lingerie. The undies, called Kiss Kiss, will be available next summer.

If Robbie Williams is on your Christmas gift list this year, don’t bother buying him any fancy toiletries. Actually, don’t buy him any toiletries at all. According to a pair of besotted German fans, the hunky British singer doesn’t bother with aftershave or, um, deodorant. Although he could use a set of towels.
During a recent appearance on a Teutonic talk show, Robbie called a couple of women out of the audience for an onstage cuddle. According to Steffi and Melanie, nothing could, er, dampen their excitement. Not even Robbie’s sweat-soaked body.
“He smelled so sexy and manly, incredibly masculine,” Melanie gushed afterward. “Just sweat and smoke.”
Melanie got to experience the sweaty part first hand when Robbie gave her a hug.
“He was soaking wet and he pressed me against his body,” she enthused. “I thought it was great.” Hey, each to her own.

VCR alert: Fans of the hilarious NBC comedy “Scrubs” will be treated to a cameo appearance by “Alexander” star Colin Farrell. The actor will play a rambunctious Irishman (talk about typecasting) on an upcoming episode.

Ronan Keating might have given up on his ambition to have the No. 1 Christmas single on the UK charts, but he’s still aiming high. The singer, who teamed with Cat Stevens on a remake of the latter’s classic song, “Father and Son,” hopes to land the No. 2 position — but not for any personal gain. All proceeds from the sale of his single will be donated to the Band Aid Trust, whose remake of “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” is a shoo-in for the top slot.

Can you believe that a quarter of a century has passed since U2 released their first record? Their incredible career — which began in the Punk/New Wave era has lasted through the dawn of digital music — has earned them a berth in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Dublin band will be inducted into the Hall on March 14, 2005, along with the Pretenders, the O’Jays and Percy Sledge, at a ceremony in NYC’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel.
In more U2 news, a previously unseen photo of U2 — taken during their first photo shoot with longtime band photographer Anton Corbin, is expected to sell for $12,000 at a Dublin auction this week.
The signed photo was taken in 1982, back in the days when Bono sported a highlighted mullet, Adam had a curly Afro, the Edge had flowing locks and Larry had yet to discover the simple joy of the crew cut. Ah, memories.

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Actor Matthew McConaghey spends so much time in the buff, it’s a wonder anyone recognizes him with his clothes on. The “Wedding Planner” star was busted a few years ago for disturbing the peace — by playing bongo drums in the nude. Matt recently revealed that his clothing-optional antics now include ghostbusting. In the nude.
Matt told the Web site femalefirst.co.uk that his new home is haunted by the spirit of a woman, whom he has dubbed Madame Blue. The first time the, er, spirit moved him, he chased it around the house brandishing a baseball bat. Naked (naturally). But eventually, Matt and Madame reached a sort of d

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