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New & Noteworthy: Farrell: shelved?

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

In “Daredevil,” which co-stars Ben Affleck, the Dublin hottie plays a sharpshooter, appropriately named Bullseye. (Lord preserve us!) Given the present mood in the country, he’d have more luck playing a carefree Saddam Hussein.
With two of his movies flirting with the remainders bin at Blockbuster — usually reserved for films starring Melanie Griffith or Madonna — one might think that Colin’s feeling the heat. But not our little “Ballykissangel” grad. He’s got his priorities in order.
“Acting is not where my happiness comes from,” he said recently. “I won’t shed crocodile tears if it’s taken away. I’ve had a good trip.”
‘There’s only one Harris’
The death of Limerick actor Richard Harris has inspired the producers of the “Harry Potter” film series to consider working a little magic of their own. People magazine reports that director Alfonzo Cuaron might be amenable to casting Harris’s body double, Harry Robinson, in the role.
“Producers have told Harry there’s a very strong chance of him getting the part,” a source told England’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. Robinson is the same age as Harris, looks like him and can mimic the Irish actor’s voice perfectly.
“It would be my tribute to someone I was very fond of,” Robinson told the newspaper.
Producers are playing their cards — or is that, keeping their wands? — close to their vests when it comes to recasting the part of the Wiz. What they will say, though, is that while they will find a new Dumbledore, “there will only be one Richard Harris.”

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