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February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Eileen Murphy

We were happy to hear that composer Phil Coulter will spend next Wednesday being pelted with rice and/or birdseed. No, it won’t be by disgruntled fans — Coulter’s admirers are legion (and, we must say, completely gruntled). It’s just that the Cool Philter is planning to exchange "I do’s" with his longtime companion, Geraldine Branagan. The wedding will be held in Wicklow, and don’t feel slighted if you haven’t been invited — it’s one of those family and close friend-type affairs.

In other wedding news, we hear that last year’s Rose of Tralee, Sinead Lonergan, recently married fellow Parisian Frederic Eyzat in a church in Emly, just outside of Paris.

For those who care about such details, the bride wore a simple white silk gown designed by Dublin-based French designer Denise Assas. Instead of a veil, Lonergan wore a quel chic! simple white tulle shawl around her shoulders.

The photogenic French Rose and her husband will live inside the Pale, where she works for Enterprise Ireland and he is a banker.

And just in case you were wondering: yes, the choir did sing "The Rose of Tralee" during the ceremony. In English, we presume.

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They look ‘Stunning’

Attention fans of the late, lamented Irish band The Stunning: ex-band members (and siblings) Steve and Joe Wall have launched a new act, cleverly named The Walls. They’ve recorded lots of new material, and are shopping around for a record deal.

The Walls will play two shows in Boston with in the next few weeks. On Nov. 29, they’ll be at McGann’s; on Dec. 3, they’ll rock the Irish Embassy Pub. Look for them to hit these shores sometime next year for a more extensive tour. Anyone interested in dropping them a mash note (or looking for some information) can contact them at the-walls@yahoo.com.

Heavenly sounds

Those of you who just can’t get enough of Roma Downey’s smash CBS show, "Touched by an Angel," will want to fly to the nearest record store pronto. On angels’ wings, if necessary. The popular show has inspired "Touched by an Angel: The Album," so you can feel those heavenly vibes any time you need them.

Featured on the soundtrack are an eclectic mix of performers, ranging from freewheelin’ Bob Dylan to Celine Dion. Also contributing tracks are Amy Grant, Wynonna (the daughter half of the Judds), Deanna Carter, the Kinleys, Amanda Marshall and Uncle Sam (no, not the guy from the army posters, silly). Downey’s co-star, Della Reese — who’s not only an actress, but also a Grammy-nominated gospel singer — performs a full-length version of the show’s opening theme, "Walk with You."

Yeah, yeah, it all sounds just too goody-goody to be true, but the album is surprisingly appealing, and not just for fans of the show. It’s available on Sony’s 550 Music label, and it’s in stores now.

Jail’s no oasis for Gallagher

It seems that Oasis bad boy Liam Gallagher spends more quality time with police officers than he ever did with estranged wife Patsy Kensit.

Gallagher’s latest brush with the law is the result of an altercation (read: brawl) with freelance photographer Mel Bouzad outside a London pub last Wednesday evening. The singer was exiting the Pembroke Castle Pub in north London when he was approached by Bouzad.

"I approached him to take a picture and he turned aggressive," said the shutterbug. "A scuffle broke out, he broke my camera lens and stole a film,” Bouzad added, we assume, indignantly.

"I took four pictures and walked away because that was all I needed. Then he turned around and started shouting and swearing and demanded the film,” Bouzad continued.

When cops broke things up, they slapped the cuffs on Gallagher and hauled him off down to the station. He was later released on bail.

Gallagher is no stranger to controversy. A few weeks ago, he tossed his bride of 18 months, actress Patsy Kensit, out on her shapely rump, signaling the end of their wedded bliss. Earlier this year, he was charged with assault on a British backpacker in Australia (the charges were later dropped). And who can forget Gallagher’s arrest on suspicion of drug possession a while back, on the same night Oasis won a prestigious British music award?

By the way, it’s worth noting for you girls who missed your chance at one of those hunky Kerry bachelor farmers — Liam is, er, available again. The line forms to the left, and make sure you keep some bail money in your shoe. You never know . . .

Politics as usual?

We almost never talk politics, mostly because

1. It’s boring.

2. It’s pointless.

3. People in drab suits like to shout about it on Sunday morning talk shows.

4. The main parties are represented, graphically, by an elephant and a donkey — neither of which is the most photogenic critter in the barnyard. (And before you start writing angry postcards, yes, we know that elephants are really house pets.)

5. See No. 1.

But that could all change, now that Senator Daniel Moynihan has announced his plans to step down after serving out his current term. What makes the Year 2000 senate election interesting is that it’s the late Bobby Kennedy’s seat which will be up for grabs. And, coincidentally, some of the guys being touted as possible candidates have family ties and impressive political pedigrees, not to mention dashing good looks.

First, there’s the late senator’s son and namesake, Bobby Kennedy Jr. Also being mentioned is Kennedy Jr.’s brother-in-law, Andrew Cuomo, son of the former governor of New York. Rounding out the family field is hunky John Kennedy Jr. Hey, throw in Brad Pitt and it’ll be what we call a horse race!

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