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New & Noteworthy: No moonmen for U2 at MTV awards

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

So when it comes to being buffeted about by wild forces of nature, it seems fair to call the whole thing a draw.
Puffy — oops! — Diddy’s hosting stint was remarkable in that it featured ten changes of costume, a tribute (another one?) to fallen comrade, The Notorious B.I.G., and plenty of opportunities for Puf. . . er, Diddy, to display his bling collection. His catchphrase for the evening was, “Anything can happen,” and it did: at one point, he gave away a jewel-encrusted watch to a member of the audience. Later, ’80s veteran MC Hammer was released from cryogenic deep freeze to remind everyone of the good old days, when edgy was about wearing genie pants and sampling Rick James tunes.
There were few big surprises on the night. Usher’s lack of jewelry elicited some raised eyebrows, and Paris Hilton’s solo appearance (what, no fianc

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