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New & Noteworthy: Out of the mouths of babes

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

During an interview with Australian media. the former Boomtown Rat recalled taking Tiger on a shopping trip. For those of you with short memories, we’ll remind you that Tiger — or Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, as it reads on her birth cert — is the child of Geldof’s ex-wife, Paula Yates, and her boyfriend, Aussie singer Michael Hutchence, both of whom have repaired to that big VIP tent in the sky.
“We were shopping the other day and they played one of my songs then one of her dad’s,” said Geldof. (Tiger refers to Sir Bob as “Dad”.)
“She said, ‘That’s you, Dad!’ ” Geldof chuckled. “Then she said, ‘That’s my real dad.’ “
Tiger pondered the differences between the two performances for a few seconds. Then she offered the kind of searing critique that only a 6-year-old could get away with.
“She said, ‘My real dad’s a better singer than you, Dad,’ ” Geldof reported.
So, how did he react?
“I just said, ‘Sheesh . . . Thanks.”

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