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New & Noteworthy Sinead’s politcal, er, aspirations

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Eileen Murphy

Some people fantasize about scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Others fantasize about being rich and famous (or about hanging out with the rich and famous). Still others dream of having a staff of scantily clad houseboys who look suspiciously like Liam Neeson, Brad Pitt and Kenneth Branagh

While you’re pondering which of these is our fondest daydream, we should tell you that Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has a dream, too. And given the current political climate, it’s too good to resist: Sinead would love to spend some, er, quality time with none other than our president, Bill Clinton!

O’Connor, who has returned to the baldy-headed look of her youth, told a reporter for the Irish Independent that she thinks Clinton is "the sexiest man in the universe." The interview included a frank discussion about O’Connor’s early sexual experiences, as well as her view that Clinton’s dalliance with a certain White House intern made him even more appealing.

"I’d bring my own cigars, absolutely," she told the Indo. Funny, we didn’t know she smoked . . .

O’Connor revealed that while she is not currently in a romantic relationship at the moment, she is not lonely.

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"I’m not running around having it off with total strangers," said the divorced mother of two. "I have a couple of loving friends I can call on."

Daniel disturbs their dreams

Now, you know as well as we do that wee Daniel O’Donnell would never set out to ruffle anyone’s feathers. But the Donegal Dreamboat — or at least, his dulcet tones — have landed a Scottish family in hot haggis.

It seems that 64-year-old Duncan McCreadie of Ayr, Scotland, drove his poor neighbors crazy last week by blasting a Daniel O’Donnell music video at top volume. From midnight until police arrived at 2 a.m., neighbors were treated to such classics as "Moonlight and Roses," Danny Boy," "Someday You’ll Want Me to Want You," and, one can only hope, his classic "Medals for Mammies."

Next door, poor Caroline Kerr and her teenaged daughters were being driven mad by the Kincasslagh krooner.

"I have nothing against Daniel O’Donnell," one of the daughters told the Sunday World. "But I couldn’t take any more because the music was so loud."

Police confiscated McCreadie’s television, video cassette recorder and, of course, the Daniel O’Donnell tape. One of the officers said, "I walked into McCreadie’s garden and looked through a gap in the curtains. There was a video of Daniel O’Donnell playing and they appeared to be singing along to it."

McCreadie insists that the incident was blown out of proportion, and adds that he is not a Daniel O’Donnell fan at all, at all.

"[The video] belonged to my daughter Dorothy," he said.

Bob Geldof’s life ‘a soap opera’

Live Aid founder and former Boomtown Rat Bob Geldof is annoyed at the way he says the media has turned his life "into one big soap opera."

The singer, who is as well known for his famine relief work and for hits like "I Don’t Like Mondays," recently bemoaned the constant public scrutiny surrounding his bitter divorce from Paula Yates, his battle to win custody of his daughters, and the suicide of Yates’s boyfriend, INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.

He says that his refusal to discuss the custody issues over daughters Fifi Trixiebelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Little Pixie stems from the fact that "it’s not about winning or losing." He also declines to talk about his longtime girlfriend, Jeanne Marine.

"Boys don’t talk," he said. "And I despise men who do."

Anyway, he notes, "It’s nobody else’s business."

Waxing eloquent on the soap opera theme, Geldof said, "Often, you don’t know that you’re in the next scene, but you are and events unfold . . . you wait [for the next event] with trepidation."

Geldof is more forthcoming about his famously haphazard fashion sense. "I liked when I was a pop star and I could wear really cool things at a gig, but the reality is that when I get up in the morning I couldn’t be arsed about choosing something."

As for his notoriously unkempt appearance, Geldof laughed and said "Even if I have my hair neatly cut it looks ridiculous. It used to drive my dad mad. Once I had to meet the King of Belgium, because my family are Belgian. My dad put me in a suit and plastered my hair down. When the time came to meet [the king], I was a complete mess."

And why, exactly, is that, Bob?

"It’s the big chops and the bags and the too-big mouth and the huge nose," he said. And we thought he was kinda cute. Go figure.

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