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New & Noteworthy: They’ll take Manhattan

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

According to Hello! Magazine, Ziggy Stardust’s alter ego, who has lived in the Big Apple for the past two decades, greeted the Scottish rockers and gave them a few tips on what to see while they were here: Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, etc.

Crew members on the set of “Miami Vice” have become protective of the film’s star, Colin Farrell – and they’re willing to waer their sentiments on their sleeves – or, more accurately, across their chests.
The staffers, who have succumbed to Farrell’s famous Irish charm, were appalled to discover that the poor guy couldn’t make a move without attracting flocks of paparazzi. They’ve designed a line of t-shirts that bear the message “Leave Colin Alone!” which have been snapped up by the actor’s fans – and co-stars.
Angie Lee Cobb, who worked on the remake of the 80’s TV show, told Ireland Online that she was inspired to create the shirts when she saw how relentlessly Colin was pursued by the lens men.
“I understand taking photos at premieres and events, but when they follow him around like this it’s beyond normal,” she said.
“They show up at our Miami locations and curse us out when we ask them not to shoot.”
Cobb says that it’s galling to watch them swarm all over the Dublin hottie, especially since he always treats the photographers with respect.
“We feel protective toward him,” she said. “He’s such a sweetheart and down-to-earth guy.”
The shirts are available at www.leavecolinalone.com, and net proceeds will be donated to charity.

Fans of the late Princess Diana probably don’t use it much, but the phrase “Camilla chic” has officially entered a dictionary of newly minted terms, according to Britain’s Hello! Magazine. The phrase refers to the newly-stylish wife of Prince Charles, and joins words like “sudoku” – a Japanese math puzzle – in “Fanboys and Overdogs: The Language Report.”

Just because Liam Gallagher is as famous for his off-stage antics as he is for singing chart-topping hits, it doesn’t mean he’s interested in other people’s excesses. The Oasis front man / hell raiser declined to weigh in on the celebrity train wreck that is the Kate Moss-Pete Doherty union.
The singer told MTV.com, “I don’t care about her, her drugs or her stupid mates,” he shrugged. “Same goes for Babyshambles.”
Exactly how indifferent is Liam to the other band? Er, very.
“I don’t want to fight them, I don’t want their birds, I don’t want to shoot their dogs,” he said. “[I] don’t want to stand on their hamsters’ heads. I’m just not that into their music.”

Maybe it’s the common language or something in the water, but those Welsh people sure stick together. Just ask rugby player Gavin Henson. Charlotte Church’s boyfriend is set to appear in the upcoming film “Coming Out” – at the express invitation of fellow leek lover Catherine Zeta Jones.
Gavin will play himself in the film, the story of a struggling local rugby club under new, and unusual, management.
“I grew up among rugby fanatics,” the Swansea-born wide of Michael Douglas told WENN. The film, which will be shot on location in Llanelli, “is very close to my heart,” she said.

“Bend It Like Beckham” star Keira Knightley has no problem facing down fierce soccer players and menacing pirates, but when it comes to mean film critics, the poor thing just crumbles.
The Daily Mail reports that the British ing

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