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New & Noteworthy: Three and counting for Keating

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The Keatings have two other children, six-year-old Jack and four-year-old Marie.
Mother and baby are doing fine, according to a spokesperson for the star. And Ronan, who seems to enjoy midnight feedings and all that other baby stuff, says that he and the wife might keep expanding the brand, so to speak.
“We said we would stop at two, but that moved to three,” the singer told ananova.com. “So who can say if we will stop at three?”

What’s in a name?
You know that a child star is all grown up when they insist on being called by a proper name — you know, one without the “ee” sound at the end. And now, joining the list peopled by such luminaries as Rick(y) Schroeder and Don(ny) Osmond is Tom Cruise’s lady love, Katie Holmes. The “Dawson’s Creek” starlet, who somehow landed the biggest Thetan on the planet, will be known as just plain “Kate” now. According to In Touch magazine, Tom thinks the new moniker suits her.
And apparently, that’s not the only name change on the horizon for Katie . . . er, Kate. She’ll be taking Tom’s surname after they tie the knot. According to a spokesperson for the couple, “[It’s] something old-fashioned [that] Holmes has always been keen on.”

Kerry sees the light
Former Westlife wife Kerry Katona has revealed that her split from pop star husband Brian McFadden two years ago sent her into a downward spiral of drinking and depression.
“It was a way to get away from everything,” she told Britain’s Daily Mirror. “It would be a case of sometimes waking up and not being able to remember stuff.”
Happily, the singer/actress is back in control now, having undergone treatment for her problems at a Rehabilitation clinic in the United States. Now she’s clean and sober, and in a happy new relationship with Dave Cunningham.
“It’s a blessing in disguise that Brian left,” she said, “because I’d never have got together.”

Phil Collins got his own back — sort of — on Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher this week. The “In the Air Tonight” singer, who’s endured years of slagging from the pair, told a British DJ that the ornery brothers were “rude, and not as talented as they think they are.” To which Noel responded, “Why did [Collins] sell so many records in the 80s? I mean . . . hell.”

Robbie Williams will be happy to entertain you — for a couple of million bucks, that is.
The hunky Brit singer performed at a private birthday bash in the south of France last weekend. According to London’s Daily Mail, Robbie performed 15 numbers, at a price of about

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