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New York LGAA Dineen, McMunn lift Leitrim women

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Leitrim 1-13, Monaghan 0-6

Monaghan started well with great play from Frances Brennan, who made some great passes into the forward line, keeping the Leitrim backline on their toes. Leitrim settled into their game they fought back with excellent passing from Mags Dineen and Ann Marie McMunn and leveled the game at 5 points at halftime.

With championship points at stake, Leitrim set out as they meant to go on opening the second half with two fine points from Maureen O’Driscoll. Although, the Monaghan backline were under pressure for much of the half and were unable to stop the scores, they did their best to keep the scores to a minium and worked the ball out with great passing from Dervil Carey, Liz Collins, Kelly McAnnelly and Breda McCrohan.

While their forwards got possession, scores just didn’t come as easily as they would have liked, as the Leitrim back line were solid throughout with great play from Ann Holland, Joanne Hoenninger and Connie Reddington.

Best for the winners were Denise Maher, who made some fines saves, Ann Holland, Joanne Hoenninger, Connie Reddington, AnnMarie McMunn, Mags Dineen, Julie Enright and Maureen O’Driscoll. For Monaghan, Chris Gallagher, Liz Collins, Breda McCrohan, Frances Brennan, Catherine Donohoe, Sandra Swinburne and Siobhan Donovan tried hard.

Leitrim scorers: Mags Dineen 0-3, Carmel Ahern 0-1, AnnMarie McMunn 0-2, Maureen O’Driscoll 0-3, Pat Meade 1-3, Mairead Casey 0-1.

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Monaghan: Norma McCarthy 0-1, Sandra Swinburne 0-2, Catherine Donohoe 0-2, Siobhan Donovan 0-2

Players of the Game: Ann Holland (Leitrim), Frances Brennan (Monaghan).

Cavan 3-15, Rockland 0-2

In the first game of the day in the Sean Faherty Championship, pitting the winners of the Louie O’Hehir Shield and the Peter Connaughton Cup, one would have expected a closer encounter. This was a good game but Cavan’s experienced players had it all tied up at halftime as they proved too strong for Rockland. While Rockland fought to the final whistle, they were unable to curtail the Cavan scoring machine.

Best for the winners best were Mary Maguire, Justine Clifford, Catherine McAteer, Gillian Bennett, Rosie O’Reilly and Karen Shalvey. For Rockland , Jen Millar-Ellis, Cathy Dunleavy, KerryAnn Galvin, AnnMarie Maye and Pauline O’Connor.

Cavan scorers: Gillian Bennett 1-5, Catherine McAteer 1-4, MaryAnn Connaugton 1-0, Caroline O’Sullivan 0-2, Justine Clifford 0-1, Rosie O’Reilly 0-1, Mary Maguire 0-1, Karen Shalvey 0-1

Rockland: Jen Millar-Ellis 0-1, Erin Coughlin 0-1

Players of the Game: Caroline O’Sullivan (Cavan) Jen Millar-Ellis (Rockland).

Mayo topple Donegal

Donegal came up against a formidable Mayo side who were determined not to let their gurard down as they sought valuable championship points. Denise Dunnion in her first game with the ladies in red and green proved her worth with a personal tally of 1 goal, 10 points. While the Ulster women tried their hardest they were no match for the West on this occasion.

Best for Mayo were Denise Dunnion, Sharon Gallagher, Joanne McKenna, and Audrey Hennessy. For Donegal, Bernie Harvey, Jenny Harvey, Kim Brosnan and Aisling Whelan did their best.

Mayo scorers: Denise Dunnion 1-10, Jonane McKenna 1-7, Nollaigh Cleary 0-2, Audrey Hennessy 2-2, Camie O’Shea 0-1 Eileen Cunningham 1-0.

Players of the Game: Denise Dunnion (Mayo), Caroline Harette (Donegal).

Fermanagh 1-1, Stamford 0-4

Stamford started out well with a point from Trish O’Dwyer that brought a great cheer from the Stamford sideline. Fermanagh’s top scorer, Brenda McElduff, put her side ahead when a free kick lobbed nicely under the bar for a goal. Stamford fought back with another point from Trish O’Dwyer and were denied the chance of a goal shortly afterward when a ball which looked like it would surely go in was saved by Fermanagh’s corner back, Ursula Mallon.

With only a point separating the sides at halftime, the two teams had everything to play for. Stamford leveled the game with a point from a free kick from Catriona Brennan. As play continued, both side enjoyed plenty of possession and great play from the back line on both sides denied scores.

A shot from Stamford’s Emer O’Neill was knocked wide by Nollaig Cleary, who had a solid hour in nets. Fermanagh took the lead again with a point from Brenda McElduff. However, Stamford weren’t line leveling the game again with a point from free kick from Catriona Brenna. Fermanagh continued to put pressure and a chance to extend their lead by Brenda Fields came off the post and danger was cleared by Stamfords backline.

Another chance was sent left off the post and wide by Brenda McElduff. While both sides had their chances of taking a win, a drawn game was a fair result. For Fermanagh, best were Nollaig Cleary, Catherine Quinn, Fionula McConnelly, AnnMarie Murray, Brenda Fields, and Brenda McElduff. For Stamford, Shiela Brennan, Jude Fitzgerald, Emer O’Neill, Catriona Brennan and Trish O’Dwyer were best.

Players of the Game: Catriona Brennan (Stamford), Brenda Fields (Fermanagh).

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