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Nicole: her nose knows the deal

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

That’s right, folks: when Nicole stars in the film version of the ’60s comedy series “Bewitched,” that’ll be her button nose doing all the twitching.
Nicole has signed on to play the suburban housewitch Samantha Stevens, a role originally played by Elizabeth Montgomery. Mike Myers will her often-exasperated husband, Darren, who inexplicably refused to allow his wife to whip up dinner (or, say, a new car or a million bucks) with a scrunch of her sniffer. Well, we suppose that if Darren had been practical, the plots would have been a bit dull:
Darren: “Hey, honey! I wish we had a new sailboat.”
Samantha: “OK” (twitch, twitch) “There it is!”
Darren: “Oh, no! Not in the pool!”
Next week: Darren wants a new car.
Anyway, Nicole is determined to bring Samantha to life. But it’s not easy getting into character.
“I haven’t gotten the nose down yet,” she confessed. “But I’m determined that I’ll do my own nose twitching.”
Hey, everyone’s got a dream, right? And for Nicole, it’s a point of pride that it be her freckled nose wreaking all the havoc on the set, so all those eager stunt noses can just go audition for sinus-related commercials.
Nicole’s schnozz has star quality.
“They won’t [even] have to use special effects,” she told www.suntimes.com.
Talk about having your nose in the air.

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