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No advantage

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

It also served as something of a reminder that the current generation of undocumented Irish, in contrast with their fellow countrymen and women of the late 1980s, are not campaigning for legality after just about everyone else secured green cards as a result of an amnesty, which in that time was built into the 1986 immigration reform act.
This time around the Irish are just one group in a large multinational throng seeking relief from congressional legislation that has yet to see the light of day.
As such, the Irish are being more critically scrutinized because as one
interviewee in the Sun report rightly noted, the Irish are more deeply rooted
in the American political system than many other nationalities, including Mexican.
Be that as it may, advocates for illegals from Mexico and other Latin American nations should also take note of the fact that the Irish have not secured any unilateral advantage to date as a result of this longevity, and are unlikely to do so in the context of any revised reform effort in Washington.
There is no reason then to single out the Irish as being somehow in lone for preferential treatment. It isn’t going to happen.
A bilateral visa deal, meanwhile, is quite something else: a matter for
sovereign governments, Mexico’s as much as Ireland’s.

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