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Obama wows ’em and vows Irish visit

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

“I’m going to visit Ireland,” he told an attractive woman visiting from Dublin at a popular “Five Guys” burger and fries outlet last in southeast Washington.
This was the second foray for the president out of the White House on an afternoon burger run in a month. He placed the order for himself and his entourage while stunned patrons looked on in disbelief.
As recorded by the pool of journalists that accompanies the president on most of his outings, President Obama seemed to have to coax people into speaking to him as he greeted almost everyone in the small interior of the restaurant, including the unidentified Irish woman.
Video recorded of the event shows Obama approaching the woman who was wearing a long flowing halter-top over white trousers and gladiator sandals.
The woman told the president in a calm voice that she was turning in a dissertation.
Obama asked: “Do you want to be a journalist?”
“Yes,” she replied.
His hands filled with nuts that the president had palmed from one of the large boxes on offer atop the counter, Mr. Obama popped another nut in his mouth and continued.
“What part of Ireland?”
“Dublin,” she said.
“Dublin?” he responded.
“Uh, yeah,” she replied.
“Outstanding,” announced the president.
And then unprompted the president said: “I’m going to visit Ireland.”
“That’s nice,” sthe Irishwoman replied. “Clinton went.”
“I know, I gotta go,” President Obama replied it turn.
It was the second burger and fries foray by the president in recent weeks. Earlier last month, Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, pulled into a suburban spot called “Ray’s Hell-Burger” and loaded up on burgers and fries.
As details of the president’s burger run trickled back to the White House, one staffer was quick to point to the
president’s pronounced commitment to visit Ireland. “But before you ask, we don’t know when,” said the aide.
For the record, President Obama paid in cash and left a tip at Five Guys which has seen a big spike in business since the president had his burger with a bun and chat with a Dub Customers have reportedly taken to asking for the “Obama burger.”

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