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Opinion: Congress’ Colombia hearings are test for Irish America

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Fr. Sean McManus

The puzzling proposal by the House International Relations Committee to hold hearings on the case of the three Irishmen jailed in Colombia will, in my opinion, prove to be a test case for Irish Americans as to their participation in the development of U.S foreign policy on Northern Ireland.

Just as all Americans have a right and a duty to be involved in the formulation of foreign policy, it is only natural that African Americans be particularly involved in foreign policy regarding Africa; that Jewish Americans be especially involved in foreign policy regarding Isr’l, and that Irish-Americans have special input to policy regarding Ireland. That is a grand American tradition.

The Irish National Caucus is opposed to the proposed HIRC Hearings — as are all Irish-American organizations worth their salt — for the following reasons:

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